Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Strongest Steel Comes From Hottest Fire

Strongest Steel Comes from Hottest Fire (Jan, 2009)-
This picture is from Vindhyachal another town of India, Mirzapur District. This town is famous for two dieing arts, Carpet weaving and metal minting.
The photograph here is of a minting workshop, which was, as I remember hot and dark as hell. But still while I was standing there in midst of heart pulsating noise, could remember of the hard times and dark roads of my life. Through which I just got smarter every time. This picture reminds me of the old Chinese saying,"Strongest steel goes through Hottest fire".
Its amazing to know how diamonds are formed, steel is molded, and a winner is crafted by seemingly unfavorable but favorable conditions.
"When the pressure mounts and the heat rises, keep your eyes on the prize. When the molding process is over, you may find that you can do more than you ever thought possible...and that God can do more with you than He has ever done before."- Mark Philips.


  1. naarangi hamesha tough hota hai isiliye ye mera pasandida rang hai..

  2. Hmm a picture can say a 1000 words looks more true as I look at your worksss.....However, you are bestowed to a beautiful set of words too