Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage (Jan, 2009)-
This picture which is taken at the banks of river Narmada (Maa Reva) flowing via Maheshwar, M.P., is a snapshot of daily prayers dedicated to the river herself. A lamp starts its journey with a bright flame, in the river as if to row its way to eternity, but lasts few miles. A life so short with aspiration so big, a composition with all its contradiction is yet so beautiful.
"Mati kahe kumhaar se tu kya roundey moye; ik din aisa ayega mai roundungi toye."- Kabir


  1. Chand lafzo mein zindagi ka itna khoobsurat bayan !!!!!

  2. tarif karne ke liye shabd hi nahi hai...dil se nikali hui duwae apki zindagi ke deepak me tel ki tarah use roshan karti rahe...

  3. Awesome dude... Perfect description with perfect photography :)

  4. I just have a question , how many times architecture or that kind of vision comes between you and your camera?

  5. If I am perceiving it as it was meant to be, Shema.... I think the answer would be- all the time.
    "Architecture and that kind of vision" by this if you mean architecture and philosophy,, then these are the virtues which are like bridge to any art form I am trying reach. Mainly philosophy - be it architecture, poetry, sketches or photography to me all of them are like philosophical mission statement.
    They all are different part of same puzzle. Usually how I knit them together is: Architecture brings composition and depth, poetry brings meaning and pattern, sketching lends its visuals and photography imparts starkness and nude reality. Choosing any one media is only possible to me if i involve all the others before hand.