Thursday, February 19, 2009

100 Years

100 Years (March, 2006)-
It is the fraction of that minute in which it was clicked that made this photograph one of my favorites. The creek on the aged wall crawling through the old female and finding its way through the red shawl, The hand of the woman more attached to the soft cowdung painted wall than to her own body shows how much went to keep the house up for so long. The cracks & undulations on the wall seems to be a reflection of wrinkles that the lady has earned, the shimmer of the skin flows and brightens the whole wall. Lady stands between the hard stone textured time and soft painted grace of her age.
100 years...long 100 not the age of the female but is the time she lived in each moment of her life. 100 years.
"Mai Khadi del par, kak upri par maut roye,
tel chipka raha painde mein kutch, isiliye jalta hoye"-Yash Tiwari


  1. this is what i call an artistic vision!!!!

  2. ek pal ye budhi lage aur ek pal bacchi kese???