Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Vagabond(March, 2006)-
This guy would be my all time best model or subject. I think this was the time of harsh summer in extremely heated zone of 'Nimad' a southwestern zone of Madha Pradesh, India. I could see nobody on streets of the town, dust roaring on the cruel winds of loo. And Then I see this man calmly sitting over there with nowhere to go, but has been everywhere one can go. His white dhoti kurta dress, with fake Reebok snikers and socks was a amazing mix to watch.
But what surprised me the most was his calmness, he saw me with this big fancy looking camera, which would make anybody conscience but completely neglected me as if I was not there at all.
Both the dog and the man in their superwhite clads had nowhere to go, but everywhere to wander. The Vagabonds indeed.


  1. wht a contrast..
    maathe pe sal aur shaant mann

  2. this is very interesting pic taken by yash..
    " jis tarah se monalisa ki smile trace nahi ki ja sakti" usi tarah ye picture pashopesh me daalne wala hai"" if sumbody just go thru the pic without its explanation given by the photographer : it seems to be "winter" may b bcoz of posture made by the man & his snikers nd socks.........second thoughts : the day seems like sunday as shutter is down & a dog infront..sumtime remind me of curfew.....interestingly his forehead lines match up with lines of shutter behind...the man although looks like a 'vagabond' ( as theme also says ) but he is also possessive of his self esteem ,self respect,self praise as his beard in proper shape,hairs in one direction, snikers with socks...may b a watch (not clear in pic)????....the dog is looking like very intimate friend of man "wo kuch nahi keh raha ..phir bhi kutte ke kaan khade hain
    ( a joke ).......i must admit wat a pic.....hats off to yashh...keep moving...alwayz ahead