Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hide and Seek

Hide & Seek (March, 2006)-
Color, depth and the flow of sight lines are the soul of this picture. I can explain more than 50 design principles through this photograph. Though I dont like this photograph much. But this one made me lucky.
Presently being exhibited in the University of Houston art show, this photograph is a second place winner of One World Photography Contest by Studio 414. I won 300 bucks through this contest and had a great and a very encouraging experience. I wish I could make it to the grand prize. But for anybody who is a aspiring photographer, this is a great genuine contest to go for.


  1. pata nahi ye tumhari favorite kese nahi hai....isse sundar kya ho sakta hai...
    kaam karne ke baad se ye aur bhi sundar lag rahi hai

  2. And this has been one of my favs of all ur pics......i always tell Abhi that this colour scheme or colour correction, whatever u call it, is phenomenal.....
    I like it for various reasons though. It is aesthetically earthy.....i can almost smell the floor and the smell of soil from this pic