Friday, September 11, 2009

Borrowed Glory

Borrowed Glory (July 2009)-
Remarkable it is as much as it is a cliche fact: how moon glows with the borrowed glory. Having no glaze of its own it gaze onto earth with pride.
As I said it may sound a cliche or elementry, but what makes it so remarkable to me is the similarity I see of it with me.
All these years well aware of all the blemishes that I had, I pridefully glow with the borrowed glory. The Borrowed glory I borrowed from my family and friends and people who loved me so much that despite of all the darkness around me and in me I happen to glow and survive. I am definitely not a star, but I feel even better to be the moon of my people and all I can promise, is to glow as I did, till I can borrow my share of blessings and love.
Mana kisi kaam ka nahi Ghalib......Par muft ki khata hun toh kya bura hai.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flash Sync: Make me a Happy Fa(:e

Happy FA(:E (July, 2009)-
This is that part of blog, which I would like to call as exploration. In this picture and the one above this, I am trying to explore what a simple camera like I have, can do. Here I use feature flash sync, prevalent in all basic cameras these days. Remarkable is the effort of the good friend- Danny from College Station, who with all his instinct together made a perfecto shape with the glow torch. Camping was fun and this was a resourceful experiment.
Like this picture, it is true more than often that every time you try to explore and experiment in order to understand better, be it life or a simple click feature in the camera, no matter how simple or cliche the results may be they always are most satisfying and leaves you with a smile on your face, leaves you as a Happy Face.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Gangway

The Gangway (May, 2009)-
Passage around Garrison gym of University of Houston, is a place you may get mugged if you are there at wrong time. Therefore the name "Gangway".Its also an addition to the motive of my previous post.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Atrium Ala

Atrium Ala (March, 2009)-
Lately I did'nt got involved in Architectural photography, though from being same profession I should be more likely be doing it. But I think that is one of the reason why I dont try to capture architecture. Somehow I am so overwehlemed by the whole feel of 3-dimensional space with its volume so overpowering yet so subtle, it bars me to bring it down to just two dimensions.
But I think thats the challenge of photography, So I thought of doing this picture dominated by its 3rd dimension.
A photograph of School of Architecture in University of Houston.

Thursday, March 26, 2009



Solitude(March, 2006)-
This is another exhibit of mine in the exhibition of UH. I like the texture contrast that divides the frame in two halves. Beautiful bank of Narmada is so nostalgic.

Hide and Seek

Hide & Seek (March, 2006)-
Color, depth and the flow of sight lines are the soul of this picture. I can explain more than 50 design principles through this photograph. Though I dont like this photograph much. But this one made me lucky.
Presently being exhibited in the University of Houston art show, this photograph is a second place winner of One World Photography Contest by Studio 414. I won 300 bucks through this contest and had a great and a very encouraging experience. I wish I could make it to the grand prize. But for anybody who is a aspiring photographer, this is a great genuine contest to go for.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Vagabond(March, 2006)-
This guy would be my all time best model or subject. I think this was the time of harsh summer in extremely heated zone of 'Nimad' a southwestern zone of Madha Pradesh, India. I could see nobody on streets of the town, dust roaring on the cruel winds of loo. And Then I see this man calmly sitting over there with nowhere to go, but has been everywhere one can go. His white dhoti kurta dress, with fake Reebok snikers and socks was a amazing mix to watch.
But what surprised me the most was his calmness, he saw me with this big fancy looking camera, which would make anybody conscience but completely neglected me as if I was not there at all.
Both the dog and the man in their superwhite clads had nowhere to go, but everywhere to wander. The Vagabonds indeed.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

100 Years

100 Years (March, 2006)-
It is the fraction of that minute in which it was clicked that made this photograph one of my favorites. The creek on the aged wall crawling through the old female and finding its way through the red shawl, The hand of the woman more attached to the soft cowdung painted wall than to her own body shows how much went to keep the house up for so long. The cracks & undulations on the wall seems to be a reflection of wrinkles that the lady has earned, the shimmer of the skin flows and brightens the whole wall. Lady stands between the hard stone textured time and soft painted grace of her age.
100 years...long 100 not the age of the female but is the time she lived in each moment of her life. 100 years.
"Mai Khadi del par, kak upri par maut roye,
tel chipka raha painde mein kutch, isiliye jalta hoye"-Yash Tiwari

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Strongest Steel Comes From Hottest Fire

Strongest Steel Comes from Hottest Fire (Jan, 2009)-
This picture is from Vindhyachal another town of India, Mirzapur District. This town is famous for two dieing arts, Carpet weaving and metal minting.
The photograph here is of a minting workshop, which was, as I remember hot and dark as hell. But still while I was standing there in midst of heart pulsating noise, could remember of the hard times and dark roads of my life. Through which I just got smarter every time. This picture reminds me of the old Chinese saying,"Strongest steel goes through Hottest fire".
Its amazing to know how diamonds are formed, steel is molded, and a winner is crafted by seemingly unfavorable but favorable conditions.
"When the pressure mounts and the heat rises, keep your eyes on the prize. When the molding process is over, you may find that you can do more than you ever thought possible...and that God can do more with you than He has ever done before."- Mark Philips.

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage (Jan, 2009)-
This picture which is taken at the banks of river Narmada (Maa Reva) flowing via Maheshwar, M.P., is a snapshot of daily prayers dedicated to the river herself. A lamp starts its journey with a bright flame, in the river as if to row its way to eternity, but lasts few miles. A life so short with aspiration so big, a composition with all its contradiction is yet so beautiful.
"Mati kahe kumhaar se tu kya roundey moye; ik din aisa ayega mai roundungi toye."- Kabir