Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Atrium Ala

Atrium Ala (March, 2009)-
Lately I did'nt got involved in Architectural photography, though from being same profession I should be more likely be doing it. But I think that is one of the reason why I dont try to capture architecture. Somehow I am so overwehlemed by the whole feel of 3-dimensional space with its volume so overpowering yet so subtle, it bars me to bring it down to just two dimensions.
But I think thats the challenge of photography, So I thought of doing this picture dominated by its 3rd dimension.
A photograph of School of Architecture in University of Houston.


  1. Hmmm..........interesting, I am looking for an camera any suggestion?

  2. Canon 5D Mark II, My eyes are on this camera. Its first of its own kind. It is the only COMPACT full frame (32mm) camera available for a very cheap price juxtaposed to its worth. Other details are prevalent on internet. But I will be able to help better once I know how much you want to INVEST. My view is once you graduate to SLR, you get married to the camera b'cause you get used to it badly. So hold back and invest in a way that you dont feel outdated for long time and instead of buying new bodies, you ascent with lenses.